Studio Calendar

Calendar for the 2022 -2023 Year

The Active Period Begins August 29, 2022 and continues until June 2, 2023

Studio Closures: Dates listed show days in which FPS will be closed for regular lessons, monthly tuition does not change with these planned closures nor will make-up lessons be given. (See Make-up Lesson Policy)

Labor Day September 5, 2022

Thanksgiving November 21-25

(Full Week)

Fowler Piano Studio shall operate according to the studio calendar. This calendar will indicate holidays and other days the studio will be closed.

Explanation: At the beginning of each year the instructor counts the number of lessons during the active period (September to May) to ensure that an equal amount of lessons occur between the days of the week so that closures do not affect one day of the week more than others. (i.e. Mondays where many holidays fall like labor day or memorial day.)

  • If your lesson falls on a day that the calendar indicates studio closure, there are no lessons that day. There will be no make-up lessons given for lessons that fall on those days.

  • Those lessons are made-up during the months where there is a fifth lesson. Meaning that a fifth lesson in a given month constitutes a make-up lesson for lessons that fall on days the studio is closed for holidays or other pre-planned closures.

  • Tuition remains the same during the active period regardless of the number of lesson you have in a given month.

  • FPS is closed (usually) for a few days at Thanksgiving and two weeks in December for the holidays. This closure begins (usually) with the December Studio Recital and continues until after January 1st or when school begins again. Check the Studio Calendar for specific dates.