Make-up Lesson Policy

Occasionally make-up lessons are necessary. This policy provides the steps to responsibly handle lesson cancellations properly.

Lesson cancellations should be given 24-hrs in advance except in case of emergency. More advance notice is always appreciated. An emergency constitutes a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action. Understanding will always be given for true emergencies. However, poor planning does not constitute an emergency.

Each student has a total of 3 make-up lessons each year. When a student schedules a make-up lesson this will count towards the total. Once that total has been reached, no more make-up lessons will be given until the start of the next Active period. Students may use the three make-up lessons for any reason, but each student is only allowed three make-up lessons per active phase. Families with multiple students have three make-up lessons for each student enrolled and may exchange their total number between siblings if needed.

  • In the COVID-19 era it is extremely important to maintain good public health. In the interest of encouraging responsible citizens. Lessons that are missed or cancelled due to COVID-19 will be given special consideration. At the discretion of the instructor it may be determined that additional make-up lessons can be given depending on the circumstances. Please do not come to lessons sick or if you think you have been exposed or are infected with COVID-19.

  • To schedule a make-up lesson use the online portal on the My Account page. If you need your login information please contact me to have it sent again or reset. Make-up lessons are given on the second Saturday of each month from September to June in the active period.

Students can do a "lesson swap" if they know that they will be missing a lesson in advance. A schedule with contact information can be obtained from the instructor. Students are responsible for scheduling the "lesson swap." Once a swap is agreed upon, please email the instructor and copy all parties stating agreement to the swap with the time and dates of the swap.

Please do not use a mass email method to find a swap, instead contact people directly.

Students are not obligated to do a swap but are encouraged to be flexible and help their fellow students. If you have reached out to others for a swap but have no luck, talk with your instructor about other options.

Missed lessons without advance notice must be paid for and will NOT be made-up.

Lessons missed due to instructor absence WILL always be made-up. The instructor has the option of adjusting monthly tuition in lieu of a make-up lesson. (i.e. Instructor misses lesson for X reason; instructor only charges for 3 lessons the next month instead of the usual rate. Only the instructor may decide this.)

Make-up lesson are not required and are left up to the student’s discretion to schedule.

Lessons missed on a fifth lesson of the month still fall under the same make-up policy and can be made-up if scheduled according to this policy.

The Instructor reserves the option to conduct make-up lessons in a studio class format. If this format is chosen, the studio class will constitute fulfillment of a make-up lesson.

Make-up lessons: It is the responsibility of the student to schedule make-up lessons. Make-up lessons are given on the 3rd Saturday of each month. Make-up lessons not scheduled within two months of the missed lesson date are forfeited by the student. No refunds, full or partial, will be given for make-up lessons not scheduled within two months of the missed lesson.

  • Make-up lessons are only offered during the Active Period. Make-up lessons are not offered during summer.

If students cannot find a suitable make-up lesson time due to scheduling conflicts, then the student must forfeit the make-up lesson. No refunds, full or partial will be given.

Make-up lessons missed by the student for any reason will NOT be made up. Make-up lessons missed or cancelled by the teacher will receive a tuition adjustment for the next month lessons will be given.