Class Piano

Class Piano is taught at

Dickerson's Tri-City Pianos

(Formerly Tri-City Music)

Starting January 2022!

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What: Class Piano is offered in 8-week courses. One, 50-minute class each week for up to 8 students at a time. Taught by an expert instructor. For students age 14 and up with little to no previous piano experience.

Where: All Class Piano is held at Dickerson's Tri-City Pianos (formerly Tri-City Music) in the Uptown Shopping Center. 1330 Jadwin Ave. Richland, WA.

When: New Class Starts: In May or June

Cost: $170 per person for each 8-week session plus separate purchase of Class Piano Book. Please inquire about discounts for multiples from one family, veterans, and seniors.

Enrollment: To enroll, fill out the enrollment form, sign the contract, and making payment. This will guarantee your spot in class.

Contact: Ben Fowler at: 509.987.4502 or by email: to enroll or for questions.


Q: What is needed to be successful in Class Piano?

A: Consistent practice and a decent instrument to practice on will ensure that you get the best value for money spent on class piano lessons. If you need help finding an instrument please check with Tri-City Music they have an excellent selection and very helpful staff ready to assist you.

Q: Why can't students younger than 14 take the class?

A: This is a fast paced class similar to a college-level piano class for non-majors. Each class covers lots of materials and builds on previous class material. There is a high expectation that materials are mastered between class sessions. This makes it less suitable for students younger than 14. Private lessons may be a better option for younger students.

Q:When I complete the 8-week course, what then?

A: You are eligible to enroll in the next course to keep advancing your piano skills. If you complete four courses in sequence, you will be ready for private lessons and well on your way to piano proficiency! The courses have been designed to be sequential and will carefully lead a student through the most important milestones in the first year of piano study in just eight months. Coupled with consistent practice out of class, students can make steady progress towards more advanced piano playing.

Q: What will I learn in an 8-week course?

A: The first course will give you an introduction to piano technique, music reading, and rhythmic skills. By the end of the course students should be able to play simple songs from sheet music, have a basic grasp of rhythm, chords, harmonization, and performance.

Q: What will I learn if I continue in class piano?

A: If you complete 4 class-piano courses, you should be able to play scales, chords, arpeggios in major/minor keys, play short etudes, harmonize a melody with basic chord patterns, accurately interpret rhythmic notation, and have a fair fluency in reading music. With these skills you will be ready to start private lessons with a teacher of your choice.

Q: What if I want to study with you privately?

A: I have a small private studio where I teach students one-on-one. Please schedule a preview with me to learn about these kinds of lessons. If I have space available, I may be able to accommodate you. However, group lessons are a great option while you are waiting for a spot to open up.

Q: What if I have to miss a class?

A: You may, of course, miss a class if the need arises, but there are no make-ups, refunds, or credits given for missed classes by the student for any reason. If you enroll and find that you cannot attend the class before the first class starts you may be eligible for a refund.

Q: Can I pay in installments?

A: No, you must pay the full amount at the beginning of each 8-week class session.

Q: Do I get to keep my book?

A: Yes, the method book required for the class is your to keep. The first method book is used for the first two classes.

Q: Where can I purchase the class piano book locally?

A: Music Unlimited in Richland, WA (1330 Jadwin Ave., Uptown Shopping Center) is an excellent music store that stocks the class piano book. Just tell them you are taking class piano with Ben and they will help you purchase the correct book.

Q: Can I start in the middle of a class?

A: Not usually, because the class is sequenced and builds upon skills learned in previous classes. However, new classes are starting all the time. Please inquire at Dickerson's Tri-City Pianos or with Ben for when the next one starts.

Q: Who can take this class?

A: Anyone age 14 and up who have had little to no previous piano experience and are willing to consistently practice for the duration of the class.

Q: Do you sell gift certificates?

A: Yes! If you want to gift an 8-week course to a loved-one or friend please contact Ben.

Q: What if I've had piano experience before and I'm interested in taking this class?

A: Before enrolling, please speak with Ben about the level of your piano experience. From time to time, advanced group piano classes are offered. The classes described here are designed for students with little to no piano experience.

Q: Do I need to do a preview before enrolling in Class piano?

A: No, you can enroll in class piano without a preview by submitting a signed class policies/enrollment form and making payment to reserve your spot. Once you've done that your spot is guaranteed.

P: ¿Se puede tomar la clase en español?

R: Sí, es posible que la clase se da en Español pero todos los estudiantes tendría que tomarla en español y tambien la clase tendría que estar llena, o sea 8 estudiantes que han confirmado y pagado la matrícula. El libro del estudio es diferent si la clases se da en español.

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